Taylor Brodie

The Matterhorn Project

The all in one home fitness solution.
The design holds the following: Adjustable mirror, Lightweight ergonomic bench, Three separate weighted plates x4 each (up to 21.5kg, for each dumbbell), 2 dumbbell handles, and 4 dumbbell clips. The listed equipment is concealed and made accessible through a space-saving design. Utilising the twisting mechanism to switch between a domestic and fitness theme.

In addition to the physical components, a service offers the users additional guidance. Choose from hundreds of professional-led classes to further your personal fitness goals. The available programs include Hypotrophy, strength, Cardio, Hiit, Mobility, Recovery, Boxing and Yoga. Access the classes on any device inside the app. Enjoy both on-demand and live classes with the trainer of your choice.

BA(Hons)Design for Industry
Northumbria University