Shreyas Vavle


Easy Energy Monitoring.
Can we Shape User Behaviour through self creation & democratic solutions for energy usage at home?

Can it be easier for users to monitor their energy? Or could there be a device that manages your appliances based on peak and off-peak hours?

Well, Easyefit is there for you. Easyefit is a range of retrofit devices that make open source readily available to the Indian Audience. This creates a level of awareness among users that helps monitor their home appliances without any governance, thus turning them into prosumers.

It opens 100 opportunities for users as with this low cost kit, you can make any appliance smarter. Where anyone can use this, irrespective of their knowledge in electronics, share this and expand this with the community. Thus leading to Collaborative Consumption by and for the users with Easyefit.

BA(Hons)Design for Industry
Northumbria University