Sam West

Smart UI Nutrition Assistant

Enhancing Nutrition Choices through Smart Devices.
Exercise and the correct nutrition is pivotal to a healthy lifestyle and is something everyone should strive to include in their lives. As everyone has different taste buds, body physiques, cultures, cuisines, allergies etc. there is an abundance of factors that affect simple food choices in life. So for me to satisfy everyone’s unique issues with food is a big challenge. However, creating a help in hand assistant that can pilot every users food decisions is a better way to solve this insight. Moreover, with the increased understanding of smart devices now in everyones day to day habitual routines, this technological solution can be used to enhance simple everyday nutrition choice in your life. My final major project is all about connecting any type of audience to a new personal UI Nutrition Assistant located in your kitchen. An interface with fun and competitive interactions, with the end goal to help choose healthy food decisions.

BA(Hons)Design for Industry
Northumbria University