Phoebe Dales


Help your loved ones feel at ease when you’re outdoors, with a no faff SOS beacon that works when you need it to.
Warden is an intelligent safety beacon designed collaboratively with Fell Runners, Hikers and Cyclists, providing an emergency distress system with minimal impact to the user. The two-week battery life and ultra-light design create a Technology-free experience, without reducing a user’s ability to raise the alarm.

By working on a reduced movement basis, rather than being triggered by an impact sensor, Warden differs from other SOS beacon systems on the market. The beacon waits for a grace period (determined by the user) before it sounds an alarm. The user then has opportunity to cancel this before a distress signal is sent to the emergency services; meaning that Warden works even if you are unconscious or have not experienced a dramatic impact.

BA(Hons)Design for Industry
Northumbria University