Ollie Butterworth


Connection Companion.
Chiyo is a fresh and playful way to bring generations together. Connecting remote family members through bedtime stories and lullabies, Chiyo reinforces the bonds between children and grandparents, supporting child development and good sleep and overcoming loneliness in older people.

A tactile and fun device, evocative of popular animals, will fit into any child’s bedroom and act as a portal for communication with grandparents, whilst also enabling a more immersive experience for the child with magical lights and sound effects.

An intuitive app - available via any smart phone - connects an extended family member to Chiyo no matter how far away they are, enabling them to be part of the child’s bedtime routine. The app comes pre-loaded with 50 stories and lullabies for children 2-8 years with the option to buy more and the facility to read with the child ‘live’ or pre-record stories or lullabies for use at any time.

BA(Hons)Design for Industry
Northumbria University