Niall Cullen

Restoring Longevity to Toys.

KOJO! The plant BOT with an attitude.
Toys are an integral part of every child’s development, expanding both their imagination and communication skills. However in recent years, toys have become obsolete and with the increase of screen based play, children are loosing this important connection.

KOJO was designed to reintroduce toys to the modern world, combining both virtual and living elements to create a unique connection between the child and toy. KOJO can be played with as a virtual friend, and with the addition of a motion sensitive collectable, which enables the child to level KOJO up, promotes healthy activity through play. KOJO also encourages the child to introduce a living plant which KOJO will help them look after, teaching responsibility, with the aim of extending the toys life span.

BA(Hons)Design for Industry
Northumbria University