Millie Parry


Amica: Jewellery designed with the purpose of easing anxiety. Amica is Latin for loved friend. The individual pieces in Amica’s collection are designed to help you through your day like a friend does. 

The Toni: a ring inspired by the 4-4-8 breathing technique. Breathing with a greater degree of consciousness can increase the supply of oxygen to our brains, reducing anxiety symptoms.

The Ewan: a necklace with worry beads, a spinning pendant and pearls to count, worn around your neck but can also be removed and fiddled with. 

The Rosie:pressure point therapy in a clasp worn between the thumb and index finger, applying pressure mobilizes energy in the body through communicating with the nervous system. 

The Ed, Edd & Eddie: three rings inspired by fidget spinners, whilst fidgeting we can reduce cortisol in our bodies and give our mind alternative focuses.

BA(Hons)Design for Industry
Northumbria University