Isaac Stoner

Hammock Anywhere

Long-lasting, Functional design.
This hammock shelter is made for the shared economy, via rental with bikes meaning users can try the experience as a one-off, or before purchasing. Hammock camping has many benefits compared to ground camping, particularly their ergonomic healthy position for the body to sleep in, there versatile use as part of a shelter and they are cleaner being off the ground, meaning materials can be lighter.

The stand all nests inside to boxes which are the beams keeping the structure when setup. The poles are carbon fiber, which allows a lightweight structure approximately 3kg in total, 8 poles 2 beams and 8 brackets. Alternative proposals for mounting onto the bike are available to suit different constructions and user's preferences. For a rental model the top bracket would attach around the bottle holder section (Bellow the saddle and away from the legs) and across to the top of the rear wheel, where a fixing bellow the saddle prevents movement.

BA(Hons)Design for Industry
Northumbria University