Harry Wills


CAYO amalgamates exterior lighting with indoor ambience. The lamp is inspired by our recent elevated interest in our residential outdoor spaces, evoked by lockdowns. CAYO’s macro scale sets it apart visually, and creates a comfortable, encompassing oasis within our gardens.

CAYO’s contemporary design was strongly influenced by its natural surroundings. Aesthetically organic with a curved stem and matt finish. It is collapsible with a detachable shade in the event of strong winds. The polished concrete base and hand-stitched canvas shade accentuates the artisan approach; a current popular style.

CAYO’s translucent shade was chosen to provide an inviting exterior glow. The weight of the fabric allows the light to shift with the breeze helping it to further harmonise with its natural surroundings.

BA(Hons)Design for Industry
Northumbria University