Hannah Tomlinson


Accessories for the Music Streamer.
The Playback devices are accessories for the modern music streamer and a commentary in contemporary music consumption. Their three functions each hero an exciting feature of music streaming whilst maintaining the satisfying tactility of analogue interactions.

As the way in music is consumed is changing; an appreciation for physical controls, which are lost in digital music listening, has emerged. However, with an almost endless music library of songs available instantly, the world of digital music provides many benefits. Services such as Spotify, for example, are constantly analysing the tracks their users play to provide a seamless, personalised music listening experience. The Playback devices feature controls taken from an analogue radio: an antenna; volume knob and tuning dial. Each of these is given a new function in the context of music streaming. The antenna increases ‘risk’ in music discovery, the volume dial rewinds through the user’s listening history and the tuning needle lets users connect with their friends by dialling into their frequencies.

BA(Hons)Design for Industry
Northumbria University