Geovanni Atzori


Different origin. Different taste. Different story.
The Specialty Coffee, also known as Third Wave Coffee, is a premium coffee which differs form the normal one for various reasons. I fact, beyond the fact that it is possible to have a countless range of tastes, it is 100 percent traceable, from the moment it is harvested, roasted, until we buy it. The fresh beans are usually from small and local farms and the high traceability makes it one of the most sustainable way of consuming coffee.

ORIGINE is a Specialty Coffee brand which aims to enhance the coffee experience through an innovative packaging. Thanks to technologies such as WebAR, the consumer will be able to see live the plantation where his coffee comes from, relax listening to the natural sounds and understand everything about the journey and the processes the coffee went through before ending up in a cup. The dosing system that can be attached to the package, is made out used coffee ground, it helps the consumer to grind just the right amount of coffee, keeping it fresh and avoiding waste.

BA(Hons)Design for Industry
Northumbria University