Frankie Hildrick

Prop Series 

Fighting against furniture waste. One. Piece. At. A. time.
In modern life our needs are constantly changing. Flexibility has become a requirement, but longevity has been left behind. The modern nomad prefers access over ownership, and we, as designers must create products that take care of the uncertainty that comes with modern lifestyles.

The Prop Series is made up of four domestic furniture typologies: a table, desk, sideboard, and shelving unit. Each product is configurable through a carefully designed system of components, designed to maximise longevity and flexibility. The series also contains a range of add-ons, designed to provide short term flexibility, with minimal visual impact. Components are constructed with materials that provide the level of quality and durability necessary to withstand the test of time, and rental. Colours and finishes have been carefully chosen to provide the product with longevity; a fashion less, yet customisable aesthetic that can slip seamlessly into any environment, whilst accentuated pieces offer a level of personality that rented products are often missing.

Prop has been carefully designed for integration into a circular rental model. A considered collaborative consumption service offers users a range of memberships, each with varying ownership paths. With flexibility at the heart of Prop’s principles, users can acquire products over various rental periods, with the option to adjust, renew, or even purchase at the end of each lease. What was once mine is now yours, sort of.

BA(Hons)Design for Industry
Northumbria University