Fionnuala O’Connor Rutter

The Virtual Fridge

Scan and donate as you shop to fill up someone in needs fridge with nutritious food.
The Virtual Fridge is touch screen in a Waitrose store that allows customers to view the fresh products they have donated to a local food bank via the Waitrose QuickCheck app. Customers can scan and donate as they shop, then use The Virtual Fridge to pick and place their donations into an on-screen fridge. By customers donating fresh products and leaving them on Waitrose shelves, this enables people experiencing food insecurity to shop for the fresh products needed for the recipe cards that are delivered to them in a food parcel. The Virtual Fridge replaces the store cupboard food donation trolleys and enables customers to see how their donation has added to that days fresh products donations.

BA(Hons)Design for Industry
Northumbria University