Euan Hodgson


A product for new parents and toddlers to help them learn and maintain a healthy bedtime routine.
NOD is a set of three bears which help children learn and maintain a healthy bedtime routine through playful activity. Each bear will assist with their “task” through playing music and initiating an activity for a set amount of time when in proximity of their physical NFC tag.

Playful Bear plays music designed for burning off excess energy .Bath time Bear assists with brushing teeth with a fun two-minute melody. Bedtime Bear helps with a soothing lullaby before sleep. Once the step in the routine is complete, each NOD bear is returned to its charging stand, which then begins to glow as a calming nightlight.

NOD acts as a playful routine interface to help with unwinding for bed, without the use of screens and smart devices. NOD promotes a pedagogy of play; empowering young children with the ability to lead through learning their own wind-down practices.

BA(Hons)Design for Industry
Northumbria University