Elliot Bird


Rekindle the campfire experience.
Enkel is a modular camping stove that delivers a campfire-like atmosphere, with a focus on simplicity and sustainability. It comes as a kit that gives the user everything that they need to get started for campfires and cooking. This all packs away into a bag that doubles as an organising ground sheet.

The fuel source is comprised out of waste wood and a bio-paraffin that allows the fuel to burn up to 2 hours. The first hour of the fuel burning it behaves much like a traditional campfire, the second half of the burn the log breaks down into hot coals which are ideal for cooking on.

Enkel makes enjoying a night in front of the campfire accessible to people who may not have skills or experience in fire making, it also brings value to those who already have campfire experience by providing a sustainable and simple way of open-fire cooking.

BA(Hons)Design for Industry
Northumbria University