Beth Bailey

Warm Well

Essential for smaller living spaces.
Houses are reducing in size; technology is reducing in size so why are the products we have in our homes being designed the same? The projects direction was people in single households. This focused the target market on young professionals and elderly people living alone. Due to both markets being individuals, they have similar needs. For example, smaller portion sizes due to only being one, less storage space and a need for simplicity when cleaning.  

Smaller in size doesn’t mean smaller in power. The humble microwave is a kitchen staple to most. With new technology, this means the tiny inconveniences of current microwaves are removed, for an easy dining experience.  

To go alongside my ‘microwave’, containers would be available to ease food preparation. The containers have multiple uses, including draining, ventilation, easy to grip handles for when in use and are stackable inside one another for storage. They come in a range of colours, which can coordinate with the microwave or differ depending on consumer preference.

BA(Hons)Design for Industry
Northumbria University