Afaf Ali


1% better every day.
A supervised physiotherapy, is crucial for the successful recovery of anterior cruciate ligament injury. Nearly 50 % of surgeries fail due to the inaccessibility of extended physiotherapy programs. Accessing such services become extremely worrying especially if the patient is living in a rural area. Mokneetor is a service that aims on empowering such patients by supporting their home-based rehabilitation journey. It consists of three parts; the wearable, the display and the system interface. Patients receive the product before leaving the hospital and get a rehabilitation plan that is daily updated according to the knee progress, providing them with a criteria-based protocol that only display what needs to be done to ensure the accuracy of it and locking other plans to avoid practicing more than what it’s needed. Knee metrics are measured by wearing the knee product and inserting the sensors inside it. The wearable is also targeting the knee swelling as rural patients are at higher risks of developing after returning back home.

The service also provides insights on patients’ knee progress and generate reports that can be reviewed by the physiotherapist. The system works without any internet connectivity using the SMS system ensuring the accessibility of it for rural patients. Finally, the display guides the patients by viewing pre-recorded exercises with audio coaching, and giving details on each phase and its goals. It is giving a step-by-step guide and keeping them connected without worrying about any barriers. The electronics can be rented ensuring the affordability of them and the end-of-life to follow a sustainable approach.

BA(Hons)Design for Industry
Northumbria University