Adam Williams


Easing you in and out of consciousness.
Conshus is a viable solution to an abrasive alarm clock which reduces morning anxiety and night time restlessness through sensory cues, such as sound, light and light tones of vibration helping plan and improve the overall sleep routine at the beginning and end. The user chooses an early and late wake setting being awoken in their lightest sleep stage, by monitoring movement through an active electronic sensor. Conshus aims to help nurses on early morning shifts, employers who work night shifts, or even if you live in a dark dim country like Iceland where melatonin production is not reduced due to minimal daylight.

Conshus was validated by the Northumbria sleep lab and was also created with the help of Trend Bible, a trend forecasting company, helping Conshus add to the soft tones and relaxing atmosphere of the bedroom.

BA(Hons)Design for Industry
Northumbria University